If Colin Kaepernick Really Wants to Take A Stand The Time Is Now!


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Week 6 Fantasy Football Rankings

Much has been made about Colin Kaepernick, and his stance against oppression in this country. Love him, or hate him, he brought additional attention to a subject which he feels strongly about… So what?! Ok, so he grew an afro, and kneeled during the National Anthem… And? He was on the cover of Time Magazine… So? Who cares?! Congratulations, sir.

Now, attention is one thing, but change is a completely different matter. If he wants to really make change, he now has the perfect opportunity being the starting quarterback for a NFL team. Not to belittle his efforts, he’s done pretty much all he could do up to this point to bring light to the situation, but now, it’s time to take it a step further.

Who has the power to make change in this country? Wealthy white people. Who owns the NFL franchises? Wealthy white people. How do you get their attention? Take money out of their pockets! So, now that you’re the starter, here’s what you do Mr. Kapernick… Rebel!

Here’s the deal, Chip Kelly – Kaepernick’s Head Coach – happens to be white… So, why would he listen to him? Equipped with the ability to manipulate the game however he sees fit, Kaep should do the exact opposite of whatever Kelly’s game plan may be. Not only should he give Chip the middle finger, he shouldn’t throw (or hand off) the ball to any white members of his team. As a matter of fact, he shouldn’t even execute the plays, he should just kneel after every. single. snap… Now, that’s taking action!

However, I’m sure we’ll get the Uncle Tom, “I’m just here to play football, and do whatever it takes to help this football team win games” lip service… Blah, blah. Here’s my thing, if he was a Black Panther on the bench, his ass needs to continue to fight while playing! It’s only right.

… And on the flip side, here’s an idea for the Bills DJ, or whatever the person who is in charge of the music in the stadium is called… Every time the 49ers have the ball, PLAY THE NATIONAL ANTHEM! What’s he going to do then? He’ll be forced to kneel… Right?! Guaranteed victory.

With the chance of either of these potentially hilarious scenarios taking place Sunday, I wouldn’t advise you start Kaepernick in your fantasy leagues, but here’s the rest of the rankings for Week 6 anyways…

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