Andy Reid is… Ken Bone?!


Week 5 Ballers, and Bums

Week 5 was full of surprises, and if I had to pick the one thing that stood out most, it was Andy Reid’s appearance at the presidential debate. Listen, when you’re a NFL head coach, you can’t just show up at huge events, and ask questions about the steps the candidate’s energy policy will take to meet the country’s energy needs, while remaining environmentally friendly. That’d just be too objectionable.

So, what do you do?! Ensure that the debate takes place during your team’s bye week, and then create an alter-ego named Kenneth Bone… Pure genius! Well played, Andy.

All jokes aside, there were some surprising appearances this week (in the box scores), and while none were quite as amusing as Ken Bone, my political knowledge is damn near non-existent. So, I’ll stick to football, and give you the ballers, and bums of Week 5.

*Not necessarily the best (or worst) fantasy scorers. Ballers are guys who weren’t expected to put up huge numbers, but did, and visa versa. Fantasy points based on the ESPN standard scoring system.

Baller of the Week
Adam Vinatieri: 5/5 FGs, 2 XPs – 23 Fantasy Points

When your kicker finishes as a Top 10 fantasy scorer, chances are you had a pretty damn good week. A lot of guys balled out yesterday: Tevin Coleman, Jordan Howard, Amari Cooper, Adam Thielen, Brandon Marshall, and on, and on, and on…. Vinatieri outscored them all. He’s 43 years old (oldest player in the league), and hasn’t missed a FG since Week 2 of last season. Oh, and he scored 58.6% of the Colts points on Sunday.

Baller of the Week
Marcus Mariota: 20/29, 163 yards, 3 TDs (7 carries, 60 yards, 1 TD) – 30 Fantasy Points

Outside of Garoppolo’s 3 TD half, the Dolphins had done a decent job of limiting opposing QBs… Until Mariota came into town. Now his yardage total wasn’t impressive, but he wasn’t needed to put up big numbers through the air, he just killed them everywhere else.

Honorable Mention – Check the Wire
Brian Hoyer: 33/43, 397 yards, 2 TDs – 23 Fantasy Points

I really don’t know what else to write about this guy. Just take a moment, and read through my posts… My love is well documented. If he’s still on the waiver wire, shame on you.

Bum of the Week
Eli Manning: 18/35, 199 yards, 1 TD – 9 Fantasy Points

I think Eli just missed another open receiver. I get it, the offensive line isn’t playing particularly well, and the lack of a run game puts additional pressure on him, but Eli hasn’t looked right. Playing against a banged up Packers secondary, Manning had open receivers all night… He just stunk it up.

Running Back
Baller of the Week
Tevin Coleman: 6 carries, 31 yards (4 receptions, 132 yards, 1 TD) – 22 Fantasy Points

I don’t know what was more impressive, the Falcons game plan, or the execution of the Falcons game plan. Coleman was technically utilized as a receiver, lining up in the slot/out wide on several occasions, and they repeatedly took advantage of the mismatches he faced against the Broncos linebackers. The Falcons have too many weapons.

Honorable Mention – Check the Wire
Matt Asiata: 14 carries, 55 yards, 1 TD (3 receptions, 46 yards) – 15 Fantasy Points

Asiata now has TDs in back-to-back games, and proved to be a decent receiver out of the backfield. His carries, and yardage totals will be unreliable, but he’s the Vikings primary goal-line back; which holds value, especially if in a pinch with injuries, and/or bye weeks.

Bum of the Week
Jeremy Hill: 4 carries, 12 yards – 1 Fantasy Point

Granted, Hill left the game in the 2nd half due to injury, this was a disappointing performance. The Bengals fell behind early, and had to abandon the run game… But, 3 yards per carry?

Wide Receiver
Baller of the Week
Adam Thielen: 7 receptions, 127 yards, 1 TD – 18 Fantasy Points

Houston’s pass defense ranks in the Top 5 in the league, but were without their top 2 corners for most of this game. Who cares? Few expected Thielen to fill in so admirably for the injured Stefon Diggs, and at times, he looked better. He’ll be a popular waiver wire add, and if Diggs misses any more time, it’ll be justified.

Honorable Mention – Check the Wire
Cameron Meredith: 9 receptions, 130 yards, 1 TD – 17 Fantasy Points

In the first game without Kevin White, Meredith shined. Not to take anything away from his performance, but both Alshon Jeffery, and Eddie Royal were playing through injuries, and the Colts secondary is dreadful. Temper your expectations moving forward, but the Bears should be playing from behind in most games, so he should continue to see some opportunities to produce.

Bum of the Week
Jarvis Landry: 3 receptions, 28 yards – 2 Fantasy Points

The Dolphins offense might be the worst in the league. Their offensive line is weak, Ryan Tannehill doesn’t look like an NFL QB, and Landry has struggled as a result.

Tight End
Baller of the Week
Martellus Bennett: 6 receptions, 67 yards, 3 TDs – 24 Fantasy Points

With Brady’s return, I expected Gronk, and Edelman to see an increase in production… As many did. Bennett, however, has exceeded expectations all season (regardless of QB), so I expected his production would remain about the same. He couldn’t get better, right?! Wrong. Very wrong.

Honorable Mention – Check the Wire
Hunter Henry: 3 receptions, 74 yards, 1 TD – 13 Fantasy Points

Facing a tough matchup, and Antonio Gates’ return, would suggest the death of Henry’s early success. Except it didn’t. He’s a key piece of this offense, and if he’s still available, pick him up.

Bum of the Week
Kyle Rudolph: 2 receptions, 15 yards – 1 Fantasy Points

…. He’ll bounce back.

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