We Come Together Cuz Opposites Attract

Week 7 NFL Cover of the Week
10/23/16 – Saints at Chiefs: Game Analysis, and Betting Prediction

I’m always intrigued by the whole “opposites attract” thing, and no, not the song by Paula Abdul (although it does jam low key). An elite defense against a great offense, an underdog against a heavy favorite, ridiculously spicy wings against my stomach…

You get the point, these are the match-ups I like. While the Chiefs defense isn’t quite elite, yet, but they’re pretty damn good (and we all know what the Saints offense can do). The Saints are more entertaining, while the Chiefs just get the job done. Drew Brees is a gunslinger, Alex Smith, “game manager”. Even the cities of New Orleans, and Kansas City are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

And thankfully, my Giants played at the crack of dawn. So I don’t have to sacrifice watching interesting games, in favor of watching them suck this week! Thank you NFL, move them to London permanently. PLEASE!

A Tale of Two Teams

The Chiefs have been one of the more inconsistent teams to start the season, and it’s not the least bit surprising. It seems like every year, the Chiefs struggle out of the gates, and then manage to rattle of at least 5 straight wins, and make the playoffs… It’s just what they do.

On the other hand, the Saints have consistently been in battles week in, and week out. Not winning by more than 3, and not losing by more than 13. They have the offense to score with anyone, and for that reason they’re never out of a game.

However, there’s one problem… They’re not healthy.

There lies the difference in this matchup. The Chiefs are getting key contributors back, and the Saints are losing them left and right. New Orleans hasn’t been able to stop the run, and will now be without questionably their best LB – Stephone Anthony. They literally have no DBs, and they just don’t have the bodies to match up with Ware, Charles, Maclin, and Kelce.

Now the Chiefs offense isn’t striking fear in anyone’s heart, but bad defenses have a way of making bad offenses look good… Especially when the bad offense is at home. And remember the opposites attract thing? New Orleans is 2nd in the league in scoring (31 points per game), while Kansas City allows the 10th fewest points per game (20.4). Did I mention the Chiefs are at home? Oh, and the Saints are a dome team… This tends to favor the defense.

Take the Chiefs -6

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