The Unrecognized International Holiday


Today marks the day where across the globe husbands, and wives will begin to be neglect their children (and each other). The number of people who call in sick on Monday mornings will begin to increase. The winter pounds will begin to accumulate as pizza, wings, and beer become more important than that summer body… Today should be an international holiday. No – nothing truly notable, in the history of ever, has taken place on August 7. No – in 20 years you will not look back and recall where you were on this day (but you might) – yet, around the world people are rejoicing. Why? Today is the first day of the 2016 NFL season…. Well, kind of.

Tonight’s Hall of Fame Game, between the Packers and Colts, will be the first live NFL action we’ve seen since we saw the Broncos defense dismantle the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. While many view preseason football as boring, since the starter’s playing time is limited, keeping a close eye on these games can provide valuable insight to dominating your fantasy leagues.

Time To Hit The Books!

If you’ve ever played Fantasy Football, you know that dominating your league comes down to a bit of luck, and you definitely understand the meaning of the word frustration. Unfortunately, the players you draft will get injured, have tough match-ups, underperform, get suspended, etc. It’s inevitable.

To be successful you must put in quite a bit of studying, and preparation. The players who know that 3rd string, “sleeper” tight end, or grab the RB off waivers before he blows up, tend to win more… It’s all about maximizing your odds. The preseason provides valuable insight, and gives us an opportunity to notice these guys before they become household names. So be sure to check out tonight’s game, and stay tuned for my 2016 fantasy draft rankings coming soon!

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