The NFL Handbook – Week 3

I’ve analyzed the data for each of the 16 NFL games on tap in Week 3, and have compiled this handbook to help you identify which match-ups to target in your fantasy leagues, and the best plays should you find yourself in Vegas this weekend.

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Why the 3rd Year WR Breakout Theory Might Not Hold True Pt. 1

I put the 3rd year WR breakout theory to the test, does the 3rd year breakout really happen in year 2? Here’s why it might not be the best idea to base your draft strategy around this principle… It also might not be the worst idea this season.

Which receivers are primed to breakout, who you should target, and more…

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Model Year-End Clearance Event

Week 7 DraftKings Clearance Rack

Keep in mind, what I’m talking about here are guys who, for whatever reason, have a salary which is lower than the value at which they should perform. Not sleepers, not long shots, but guys who are undervalued.

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