QBs Likely to Regress in 2017

A total of nine new faces emerged among the top-10 QBs over the last five seasons. Only two of them – Bortles, and Cousins – finished in the top-10 the following season.

Assuming the success rate remains the same, we’ll see one of last season’s three finish among the top-10 fantasy QBs this season, but who?

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Dissecting the QB Draft Strategy – Go Early, or Wait it Out?

I think we all understand that quarterbacks have the largest impact on a team’s offense, and if you don’t, just watch a few Browns games this season. Of the two players which touch the ball on every offensive down, they’re one of them.

Fantasy points aren’t awarded on a per snap basis, though. So, that doesn’t necessarily translate to more points than the other positions… Or, does it?

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Can Wide Receivers on Losing Teams be Valuable Fantasy Assets?

Ideally, we’d all draft receivers from the Saints, Colts, and Packers – it’s just not possible. So, who do you draft when those options aren’t available? Not to mention, there are some very interesting receivers from these potential bottom-8 offenses: DeAndre Hopkins, Allen Robinson, Corey Coleman, Quincy Enunwa…

Do we just avoid them altogether, and settle for lesser options due to their offenses?

It depends.

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Why the 3rd Year WR Breakout Theory Might Not Hold True Pt. 2

Since looking forward to next season’s potential breakout candidates won’t help you prepare for this year’s draft in the slightest, I’ll instead point out that this year’s crop of 3rd year receivers is looking like they might just get the renaissance started a year early.

The talent is there. The opportunity is there… It’s probably wise to hold on to the 3rd year theory for at least one (two) more season(s). Besides, data is overrated.

Here’s who I’ll be targeting in my upcoming drafts…

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Why the 3rd Year WR Breakout Theory Might Not Hold True Pt. 1

I put the 3rd year WR breakout theory to the test, does the 3rd year breakout really happen in year 2? Here’s why it might not be the best idea to base your draft strategy around this principle… It also might not be the worst idea this season.

Which receivers are primed to breakout, who you should target, and more…

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How to Win the 2017 Fantasy Football Draft

I’m a strong advocate of  the “Wait on QB” draft strategy, and last year was yet another prime example of why. Of the Top-10 fantasy QBs, 6 were likely available in the 5th round or later – Cousins, Stafford, and Carr were all drafted late, and Prescott, Taylor, and Bortles were likely picked up off waivers (sans 2-QB leagues).

Which QBs are offering value this year, and which should you avoid?

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Check the Wire – 2nd Half

The fantasy baseball waiver can be extremely overwhelming, or at least too time consuming to consistently monitor.

I’m here to help. What you’ll find inside are what I consider to be the top, widely available players by position, and why you should add them to your rosters ASAP.

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