And the Not Quite Midway Through the Year Coach of the Year Award Goes to…?

I loathe awards in sports. Awards in general actually, but nobody has time (or cares) to read a three-day rant. The list of why I hate them is rather long, so I’ll stick to the most bothersome: there always seems to be an obvious winner (in my mind at least) who doesn’t win, based on some arbitrary grading system, that not even the judges can explain.

Tell me how this makes sense… Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest players to ever pick up a basketball, played 20 seasons in the NBA, yet only has one MVP award. Or, delving into last year’s “NFL Honors”, Jameis Winston won the “Pepsi NEXT Rookie of the Year” award, yet Todd Gurley was named “AP Offensive Rookie of the Year”… They both play offensive positions. If Jameis Winston was better than all rookies, wouldn’t he then too be the best offensive rookie, since he happened to play an offensive position? The nonsense is endless.

By the way, what’s even the point? Are professional athletes not rewarded with millions of dollars, to play a game, and travel the country in charter planes, only to be greeted in each new city by adoring fans? You really think they care if they’re named the Sixth Man of the Year? (Which may be the worst award of all-time. Yay! You’re the best guy who’s not good enough to play with the best guys!)

I get it, as a former kind of athlete, I understand the time, preparation, and devotion it takes to excel at your craft, and it feels good to be recognized for your hard work, and excellence (see the paragraph right above this one) – however, these guys are the best of the best, and know they’re the best of the best – why is there a need to arbitrarily name the best of, the best of the best? There isn’t.

Wait, then what the hell are we talking about here? The title of this post is “And the Not Quite Midway Through the Year Coach of the Year Goes to…?”, wouldn’t that mean you’re about to arbitrarily give out an award?! Yes. Yes I am. You see, today is National Boss’s Day, so here we are…


And the not quite midway through the year Coach of the Year Award goes to….?

*or does the drumroll go here?*

Bill Belichick!

*audible cheering*

He’s the best coach in the league, so he’s the coach of the year. Every year. Proclaiming anyone else as such is incredulous, and distasteful. Mike Zimmer deserves a ton of credit in Minnesota, but you know who deserves more? Their GM, Rick Spielman. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t imagine having to do much coaching when you have the best defense in the universe, and there needs to be a line drawn between great talent, and great coaching. Now, Zimmer probably is a great coach – nothing taken from him – but Belichick is better, and it’s undeniable.

Oh, you want to move touchbacks up to the 25 yard line on kickoffs? Ok, I’ll just have my kicker attempt to place all of the kicks at the 2, so you’re forced to return the kick, and not even make it to the 20 yard line. You want to suspend my QB for under inflated footballs? Here’s a new younger version of him. Oh, shucks, he got hurt? Here’s this other guy – that nobody outside of Raleigh, NC and Massachusetts (and Bill Parcells) – has ever heard of who also happens to be ridiculously well prepared. Oh, and by the way, we have one of the best defenses in the league, yet the casual fan probably can’t name more than three of our players.

I could continue my poorly executed Belichick impression, but I digress. Point is, nobody can out coach Belichick. Not for an entire season at least.

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