NBA Betting Picks: Magic at Trailblazers – 1/13/17

I recently chronicled my displeasure with the Magic’s mascot; a magic dragon named “Stuff”. So naturally, anytime the Magic play, I now have to check the other teams mascot, to see if it sucks more. Now I know, this should have absolutely no impact on my betting picks, but it does, and Blaze the Trail Cat sucks too… It’s a push.

First and foremost, what the hell is a Trail Cat?! A quick Google search reveals it’s actually a 707-hp Jeep that looks exponentially more dope than whatever this Blaze guy is supposed to be. Secondly, why are they referring to it like it’s a real thing?!

“… He loved his life in the mountains, but always felt that there was something else out there for him. So one day, he set off on a journey through the woods and eventually found himself on the steps of the Oregon Humane Society. The staff there had never seen anything like him, but he was so playful, energetic and friendly they knew they needed to find a good home for him…” Ok?

What. The. Fuck?

I mean, I know we want the kids to be thinkers, and use their imaginations, but this seems a bit extra to me. And, a magic dragon named Stuff, who’s based on a song about weed (unproven, but highly likely)? What’s really going on here? This is the 1st mascot matchup included in my betting picks (and may be the last since it’s been a massive waste of time), but it seems likely it’ll finish in the Top-10 worst/most head scratching. So, there’s that part of the analysis…

NBA Betting Picks: Magic at Trailblazers – 1/13/17

Even though I now find myself highly befuddled, I’ll attempt to gather my thoughts, and write something worthwhile… I can’t. So, here are the highlights:

  1. Orlando is the worst team in the league against the spread (16-22-2), the worst team against the spread off 1 days rest (7-16-2), and while they’ve been better on the road, they’ve lost their last 2 away from home by an average of 17.5 points.
  2. The Blazers are playing well offensively – averaging 111.3 ppg over their last 3 – and, have held back-to-back opponents under 90 points… Orlando is averaging the 4th fewest points in the league – 98.8 ppg.
  3. Damian Lillard.
  4. C.J. McCollum.
  5. Blaze the Trail Cat is slightly less sucky than Stuff the Magic Dragon.
Pick: Blazers -7

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