The Gambler’s Guide To Winning At Life

Everything comes down to perspective, right? Gambling. One of the more scrutinized, and misinterpreted words in the English language, is often viewed with a negative connotation. As a risky proposition both wasteful, and compulsive. An addiction; leading to the demise of finances, and relationships… Blah, blah, blah – I laugh at these people.

Gambling is what keeps us going. What sparks creativity, and is partly responsible for the computer, phone, or tablet you’re using to read this article. History’s biggest winners; all gamblers. Henry Ford was a gambler. Bill Gates… Gambler. To win at life, we must reassess the definition of the word gambling.

Try Going a Day Without Gambling

By definition, the word simply means: the wagering of money or something of value on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of obtaining additional money and/or material goods. Damn… Everything we do in life is a gamble! Playing Pokemon Go? Need to make a trip to the grocery store? Yep, you’re a gambler.

Is your life something of value? I’d say so. Any guarantee that you won’t walk off a cliff trying to catch Pikachu, or get hit by a drunken driver on the way to the store? Nope. Yet, you risk it. And the driving force is obtaining whatever the hell it is catching Pokemon provides, or getting to enjoy your overly priced, organic produce or hormone-free chicken breast. You’re placing bets on yourself daily… Hopefully you win.

Greater Odds… Greater Success

Success is broadly defined.  We all view it differently, and it means something different to all of us; just like gambling. However, there are a few things that all successful people do; they continually take calculated risks while maximizing their odds of success within these ventures.

Whether that be buying the safest car for the money, dressing well for that interview, brushing your teeth before your first date, or deciding to launch that startup company, those who take the time to process the outcome, and act in a manner which provides the maximum odds for success, will have more success over the course of their lives. It’s really that simple.

Every day you’re placing bets on yourself, and the more you win, the more successful you are. The key to success in life is no different than consistently beating the sportsbook and winning more sports bets, or dominating your fantasy leagues; you must maximize your odds.

That’s where I come in. Just a random guy, who happens to be extremely analytical, an avid sports fan and former athlete, who has a Finance degree, knows how to work an Excel spreadsheet to analyze data, and enjoys writing and helping people make money/be really good a fantasy sports. You’re welcome.

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