Fantasy Football Rankings – Week 2

In Week 1 we saw David Johnson, Danny Woodhead, Kevin White, and Allen Robinson go down with injuries, Le’Veon Bell rush for 32 yards, 8 DSTs put up more fantasy points than Tom Brady (as did Jared Goff, and Mike Glennon), and the birth of the legend – Kareem Hunt

Having fun yet?

If not, I’m sure there’s plenty more in store for Week 2.

Here are the highest opening over/under point totals via sportsinsights for Week 2:

  1. Patriots at Saints: 54.5
  2. Packers at Falcons: 54
  3. Eagles at Chiefs: 47.5

…And the lowest:

  1. Texans at Bengals: 38
  2. Browns at Ravens: 41
  3. Bills at Panthers: 42

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