Fantasy Football and the Seven Deadly Sins

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Week 7 Fantasy Football Rankings

If you’re reading this (thank you), you probably play fantasy football. If you play fantasy football, you’re in violation of each of the seven deadly sins…

  1. Envy: The feeling we all feel when we don’t have THAT guy of the week.
  2. Gluttony: Who doesn’t constantly check their phone, and laptop for updates while watching at least one game on TV?
  3. Greed: Winning close is still winning, but winning, and putting up a bazillion points, is much better.
  4. Lust: When someone goes off… Ahhh when someone goes off!
  5. Pride: If we lose, it’s luck, bs, or something other than us not being good.
  6. Sloth: Lazy Sundays are much more lazier during football season.
  7. Wrath: Just check a player’s Twitter account after he has a bad game.

… We’re all doomed. It’s Week 7, and we still have 11 weeks of sin… Oh well, may God grant us favor.

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QB | RB | WR | TE | DST | K

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