DraftKings Starts of the Week – Wild Card Edition

As I woke up this morning, the sweet sounds of “Bittersweet Symphony” played in my mind, as I slowly shook off the cobwebs and realized it’s Wild Card weekend. On one hand, few things are better than playoff football. On the other, wait? What? No more DraftKings?!

Now I know, there’s only 4 games this weekend – this article is somewhat pointless. But hey, I felt like writing. You got a problem? Pull up then


*Tier 1: $7,000+, Tier 2: $7,000-$6,000, Tier 3: Under $6,000

Tier 1: Russell Wilson – DET @ SEA ($7,000)

I’m giving Wilson the slight edge over Roethlisberger for 2 reasons: 1. he’s cheaper, and 2. Seattle has no run game, but the matchup with Detroit isn’t exactly scary. Over the final 3 weeks of the season, Detroit allowed an average of 3.3 passing TDs/game (worst in the NFL) – Eli threw for 2 TDs on them in Week 15, Prescott/Dez combined to throw 4 in Week 16, and Rodgers just threw 4 on them in Week 17… No reason to think Wilson, who always plays his best this time of year, doesn’t have a nice game.

Tier 2: Eli Manning – NYG @ GB ($6,100)

Aside from the fact he’s the only QB in this tier, Green Bay is one of the best matchups you can ask for your QB… Eli a given. Now, I’ll admit, his performance this season hasn’t been for the light-hearted, and he’s posted a putrid 1.63 TD-INT ratio. However, the Packers allowed a league-worst 346.3 passing yards per game to close out the season, and like Wilson, Manning has a tendency to flip the switch come playoff time.

Tier 3: Brock Osweiler – HOU vs. OAK ($5,100)

The Raiders defense has been good at forcing turnovers, they’ve also given up 24 points per game. I expect Lamar Miller to have a nice day, and recommending Osweiler is a risky proposition, but who else would you go with in this price range?

Running Back

*Tier 1: $7,000+, Tier 2: $7,000-$5,000, Tier 3: Under $5,000

*DraftKings Start of the Week*

Tier 1: Le’Veon Bell – PIT vs. MIA ($10,300)

He’s well worth the price. Over the last 3 weeks of the season, the Dolphins allowed the 2nd most rushing yards per game (169.3), and we all know what Bell is capable of.

Tier 2: Lamar Miller – HOU vs. OAK ($6,100)

Miller had 2 weeks to get healthy heading into the playoffs, and the last time these teams faced off in Week 11, he only went for 104 yards and a TD. Expect a similar performance this afternoon.

Tier 3: Paul Perkins – NYG @ GB ($4,100)

Last time we saw Perkins, he ran for 102 yards on 21 carries against Washington. He’s not a receiving threat, and struggles in pass protection – which limits his upside – but he’s a good bet for 15 carries, the Giants o-line has been a solid run blocking unit, and the Packers d has been inconsistent against the run.

Wide Receiver

*Tier 1: $7,000+, Tier 2: $7,000-$5,000, Tier 3: Under: $5,000

Tier 1: Antonio Brown – PIT vs. MIA ($9,400)

Great matchup, amazing talent, and his new Madden commercial is the best one yet. Not sure what value that adds to him being a good DraftKings start, but it’s A.B. Business is boomin’!

Tier 2: Jarvis Landry – MIA @ PIT ($5,100)

Yuck! Not feeling this tier… At all. However, I think Landry has the best chance at a somewhat productive day. The Dolphins should be behind in this game, and he has some solid chemistry with Moore. Not the best matchup, but he’ll see plenty of targets.

Tier 3: Paul Richardson – SEA vs. DET ($3,400)

Read this (I’m lazy). I also like Eli Rogers…

Tight End

*Tier 1: $5,000+, Tier 2: $5,000-$3,500, Tier 3: Under $3,500

Tier 1: Jimmy Graham – SEA vs. DET ($5,300)

The Lions have struggled with tight ends all season, and I expect the Seahawks to fully exploit that weakness. As mentioned above, Wilson is poised to have a big game, and you can expect a bevy of targets to head Mr. Graham’s direction.

Tier 2: C.J. Fiedorowicz – HOU vs. OAK ($4,200)

My Fiedorowicz love has been well documented, and I don’t plan on jumping off the bandwagon anytime soon. He’s averaged 7.5 targets over his last 4 games, and Osweiler loves the short stuff.

Tier 3: Will Tye – NYG @ GB ($2,800)

Tye has seen his targets double over the past few weeks, and while that hasn’t translated into much production, it’s only a matter of time before he posts a nice day in this pass-centric offense. He’s a TD dependent play, but at $2,800 could be well worth the risk against a Green Bay team who’s allowed an average of 8.4 fantasy points to opposing tight ends.

Defense/Special Teams

*Tier 1: $3,500+, Tier 2: $3,500-$3,000, Tier 3: Under $3,000

Tier 1: Houston Texans – HOU vs. OAK ($3,800)

Connor Cook’s first NFL start comes at NRG Stadium, in the Wild Card round of the playoffs – Bad look for the Oakland offense, good look for the Houston defense. Donald Penn is out for the Raiders, and Houston’s front 7 is one of the best – Bad look for the Oakland offense, good look for the Texans defense. This game has the lowest point total of the weekend – Bad look for the Oakland offense, good look for the Texans defense.

Tier 2: New York Giants – NYG @ GB ($3,100)

Beggars can’t be choosers… This is the lesser of 3 evils, as all 3 defenses in this tier cause concern.

Tier 3: No thanks…

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