DraftKings Starts of the Night – 2/3/17

Once again, I somehow managed to leave Russell Westbrook, and James Harden out of my DraftKings Starts of the Night… The audacity! As a matter of fact, I did so knowing the Bulls/Rockets game had the highest opening point total of the night at 223.

Well, the Bulls rank 23rd in points per game, 5th in opponents points per game, and 7th in defensive efficiency, but like Golden State, you can throw all of the opposing stats out the window against the Rockets (or don’t, and bet the under).

Back to the point, it takes absolutely none thought to suggest that James Harden, and Russell Westbrook will ball out tonight. In fact, if you’ve logged in to Twitter/IG over the past 3 months, but haven’t watched a smidgen of hoops, you’re still well aware of their ballerishness. Me writing about it here provides no value…

It’s also a massive waste of time.

In reality, the same could be said about everything I write, but my therapist tells me I need to work on my self-deprecation.

Anyway, let me jump back to the matchups for a quick second, as 2 really jumped out at me:

  1. Suns @ Kings
  2. Bucks @ Nuggets

If you like up-and-down, breakneck speed, little to no defense basketball, don’t miss these 2 games (with the Lakers @ Celtics in the mix as well).

Now, let’s say you don’t enjoy that type of basketball, but happen to play daily fantasy sports. Target those matchups! Ok, now back to the starts of the night…


*Tier 1: $8,000+, Tier 2: $8,000 – $6,000, Tier 3: $6,000 – $4,000, Tier 4: Under $4,000

Tier 1: Giannis Antetokounmpo – MIL @ DEN ($10,300)

Outside of the San Antonio game, which he logged only 9 minutes, the Greek Freak has 1 single-digit scoring game on the season. One. It just so happens that game occurred the last time the Bucks took the floor, Wednesday at Utah. Two things here: 1. He’s played in 47 games this year, so we’ll consider that one off night an outlier, and 2. Utah ranks 3rd in defensive efficiency. The Nuggets? 29th.

Don’t expect a repeat performance.

The Nuggets are riddled with injuries, and the Bucks – losers of 4 straight – desperately need to get back on track before the all-star break. Don’t be surprised if we see Antetokounmpo put up his 3rd triple-double tonight.

Tier 2: Devin Booker – PHX @ SAC ($6,800)

Around this time last year, Booker was making a name for himself as the youngest competitor to ever take part in the NBA 3-point contest. And while hoop heads were well aware of the 19-year old phenom (he had a nice real life season as well), his 3rd place finish seemed to be trivialized. Almost perceived as fluky. One of those pat on the back, “Good job buddy. Now let the big boys play…” type situations.

Fast-forward a year, and 14 straight 20+ point games – somehow, the kid is still being slept on! My man is nice folks. He has that Zayn concert seats-ishly soaking wet jumper, crazy athleticism, and at 6’6″ is a matchup nightmare. Unfortunately, for Kings fans, there’s no one on their roster (healthy) capable of keeping him in check tonight.

Tier 3: D’Angelo Russell – LAL @ BOS ($5,900)

After missing 4 games with a calf injury, Russell has made one thing very clear in his return – the ice hasn’t left his veins. Now, before the injury, he had zero double-doubles. He’s been back in the lineup for just 2 games, he now has 2 double-doubles.

After hitting up Denver for 22 points, 7 rebounds, and 10 assists Tuesday, he gave Washington 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 11 assists last night, and with a decent matchup agains the Celtics tonight- in what should be a high-scoring affair – expect him to remain “cold blooddeeeed”.

Tier 4: Paul Zipser – CHI @ HOU ($3,100)

Zipser has seen 20+ minutes in 6-straight games averaging 9 points, and 3.5 rebounds. Whoa! Don’t get too excited by those Westbrook-esque numbers. Value is the key here.

He draws an average matchup tonight, but facing a struggling Rockets team, on the 2nd half of a back-to-back makes him a good bet to put up around 20 DraftKings fantasy points. At $3,100, what more could you ask for?


*Tier 1: $8,000+, Tier 2: $8,000 – $6,000, Tier 3: $6,000 – $4,000, Tier 4: Under $4,000

*DraftKings Start of the Night*

Tier 1: Paul George – IND @ BKN ($8,100)

The last time we saw Paul George he was doing his best Eddie Kane, Jr. impression. No, he wasn’t out snorting coke, but I imagine he was singing “Nights like this I wish… That raindrops would faaaaaalllllllll”.

He’ll bounce back tonight. If not, he might have to resort to the drugs and alcohol seeing how the Nets rank in the bottom 3 in nearly every defensive category.

Tier 2: Jae Crowder – BOS vs. LAL ($6,200)

Crowder does a little bit of everything, and while Avery Bradley’s impeding return may hinder his scoring numbers, the Lakers don’t mind letting everyone eat.

Tier 3: Tobias Harris – DET vs. MIN ($5,500)

Harris is one of those cats that you completely forget about until you turn on a Pistons game. He’s not a highlight reel guy, rarely will he drop 30+ or bang on somebody, so you’ll be hard-pressed to you hear “Man, Tobias Harris is stupid nice!”.

Meanwhile, he’s leading the Pistons in scoring at 16.7 ppg, and has put up double-digit points in 18 straight games while adding 5.6 rebounds per game for good measure.

He’s one of the best forward values on a nightly basis, and while a matchup with Minnesota isn’t the greatest, it’s nothing to be afraid of either.

Tier 4: Anthony Tolliver – SAC vs. PHX ($3,500)

Rudy Gay, Omri Casspi, Garrett Temple… All on the Kings injury report. Then, there’s Matt Barnes who turned himself in to the New York PD on Wednesday. He was later released, and is expected to play tonight, but the Kings depth at wing is thin to say the least.

Tolliver has seen, and will continue to see, increased minutes. Opportunity + the ability to knock down the 3 + the inevitable few boards = a nice little value play


*Tier 1: $7,500+, Tier 2: $7,500 – $6,000, Tier 3: Under $6,000

Tier 1: DeMarcus Cousins – SAC vs. PHX ($10,900)

*See statement in the intro about stating the obvious*

Remember all of those Kings injuries I just listed? DeMarcus Cousins’ back might make the list shortly. But, until his back goes out, you want him in your DraftKings lineup.

Tier 2: Nikola Vucevic – ORL vs. TOR ($7,000)

The Vook got off to a slow start this season, but he’s been heating up lately. He recorded his best month of the season in January – averaging 15.9 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 3.3 assists – and with double-digit rebounds in 3 straight games (as well as 5 assists and 14 points per) he provides the most value in this price range tonight in an exploitable matchup.

Tier 3: Ivica Zubac – LAL @ BOS ($4,200)

I’ve only seen the 19-year old, 7’1″, Croatian play a handful of times, but I’ve been impressed each time. He has solid footwork, and nice touch for a young big.

While he’s seen an increase in minutes, they’re still wildly inconsistent. So iiiffffff he sees 20 minutes tonight, he’ll put up a double-double. The Celtics just don’t have the size to deal with him. Check out how many i’s and f’s are in that if, though.

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