DraftKings Starts of the Night – 1/13/17

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day by many, and it’s origin has even been traced back to biblical times; so there has to be some validity to it. Right? I mean, I’m not one to knock anyone’s beliefs, but I guess. The way I see it, unexplained, crazy stuff tends to happen everyday, and people are always going to reach for some form of justification (Although I will use this as an out if my DraftKings predictions don’t pan out). It just is what it is.

Now whether you believe in the day of bad luck or not, this particular Friday the 13th give us 9 reasons to feel prosperous; as the NBA is blessing us with 9 games tonight (And if you watched any of those games yesterday, you should feel beyond lucky it’s over!) Not seeing any bad luck yet – I’m something like Mythbusters. Anyway, plenty of games means plenty of value, and another DraftKings Starts of the Night highlighting some of the best values at each position to help with those tough lineup decisions…


*Tier 1: $8,000+, Tier 2: $8,000 – $6,000, Tier 3: $6,000 – $4,000, Tier 4: Under $4,000

Tier 1: Kyle Lowry – TOR vs. BKN ($8,500)

With Westbrook, and Harden in action tonight, it’d be easy to overlook Lowry – especially with how DeRozan has been balling – but among point guards, he’s Top-10 in points, assists, rebounds, 3 pointers made, rebounds, and steals… He’s been holding it down in the 6. And, not to discount his skills, but he’s also tied with Zach LaVine for the league lead in minutes per game – 37.4. Oh, and the Raptors (I mean Drakes) face Brooklyn tonight, who’ve been one of the best matchups there is for PGs.

Tier 2: Mike Conley – MEM @ HOU ($7,100)

Not even gonna lie, unabashedly, I have a man crush on Mike Conley. I’m not saying I’m a gold digger, but I ain’t messing with no broke… Putting the paper aside for a second, dude is flat out nice. Since the ball dropped, he’s averaging 21.2 ppg, 3.6 reb, 8.6 ast, 1 stl, and 2.2 3PM. That’s NBA2k my player numbers – Unless you’re weak, and play on Rookie, Pro, or Superstar. Houston has allowed an average of 118.3 points per game over their last 3, and while Pat Bev is a solid defender, I’m rolling Conley out with confidence.

Tier 3: Victor Oladipo – OKC @ MIN ($5,900)

Oladipo gets the nod here because 1. I don’t like anyone else, and 2. playing alongside greatness tends to boost your production. Like they say, if you’re the smartest one in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Not really sure how that applies, but “Westbrook makes his teammates better” is blander than wheat toast with no butter or jelly… I had to reach. Anyway, Oladipo has posted double-figures in 7 straight games, and while Westbrook does eat into his production, he can’t do it all. Oladipo has been a consistent #2 option, and should continue his strong play tonight.

Tier 4: Darrun Hilliard – DET @ UTA ($3,000)

No clue who he is, where he came from, or what his strengths or weaknesses are. Honestly, I’m not even sure how his name is pronounced. But, with KCP out for tonight’s contest, Hilliard should see some additional minutes tonight; making him a homerun play at the minimum salary.


*Tier 1: $8,000+, Tier 2: $8,000 – $6,000, Tier 3: $6,000 – $4,000, Tier 4: Under $4,000

Tier 1: LeBron James – CLE @ SAC ($9,700)

The Cavs have lost 2 straight. Anyone think LeBron will allow it to be 3? Didn’t think so.

*DraftKings Start of the Night*

Tier 2: Jabari Parker – MIL vs. MIA ($7,300)

Who starts for the Heat at PF tonight? Luke Babbitt?! Oh, maybe James Johnson… He’s kinda nice, but Parker has been playing possibly the best ball of his career. He’s dropped at least 20 points in 7 of 10 games, been active on the glass, picking up a few assists, and even been effective from 3. This may not look like a good matchup on paper, but he’s proving to be matchup proof.

Tier 3: James Johnson – MIA @ MIL ($5,700)

Speaking of… Remember that one time Steph slid over for the charge, and Johnson violently thrusted his boys all in his face? How’d I forget so quickly?! I need to lay off the sauce. That dunk alone warrants a spot in my lineup, but low key, he’s been balling as of late. Over the Heat’s last 6 games, he’s averaging 16.5 pts, 5.8 reb, 4.7 ast, 2.8 3PM, 1.3 stl and 1.3 blk. Filling up the stat sheet, and great value at only $5,700.

Tier 4: Trey Lyles – UTA @ DET ($3,100)

The Pistons have struggled defending the 3 ball recently, and Lyles hasn’t been the least bit hesitant to pull the trigger. His minutes have dipped with the return of Derrick Favors, but he’s been solid off the bench, and Boris Diaw needs to hang ’em up. Lyles has been pretty suspect on the boards, so I’m banking on a few threes, but you could do worse at $3,100.


*Tier 1: $7,500+, Tier 2: $7,500 – $6,000, Tier 3: Under $6,000

Tier 1: Hassan Whiteside – MIA @ MIL ($8,400)

Look, averaging 15 points per game in the league is respectable. My man is averaging damn near 15 rebounds per game – he’s a beast. The Bucks have found success running with a smaller lineup, yet have somehow managed to allow the fewest points per game to opposing Centers, but Whiteside should eat on the boards tonight making him a solid play.

Tier 2: Dwight Howard – ATL vs. BOS ($7,400)

Until further notice, when the Celtics play, start the opposing Center.

Tier 3: Tristan Thompson – CLE @ SAC ($4,700)

His ceiling is about as high as Robert Downey Jr (that’s not high at all btw), but at this price range, you either risk it with the the all or nothing guys (see Darrun Hilliard), or find consistency. Thompson is the latter. He’s good for around 10 boards, an assist or two, and about 10 points. Nothing to write home about, but those almost guaranteed 20 points are huge when it allows you to spend big elsewhere.

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