DraftKings NBA Starts of the Night – 1/18/17

When it comes to NBA DraftKings, I typically recommend staying above $4,000. Hell, even the $4,500 guys tend to be a bit dicey. But hey, we can’t always sip champagne when we’re thirsty, and today, I woke up feeling a bit frugal. Sometimes, you just gotta to do water, leftovers for lunch, and find the values on DraftKings…


*Tier 1: $8,000+, Tier 2: $8,000 – $6,000, Tier 3: $6,000 – $4,000, Tier 4: Under $4,000

*DraftKings Start of the Night*

Tier 1: Stephen Curry – GS vs. OKC ($9,000)

At this point in his career, the only time Stephen Curry, and value, should be mentioned in the same sentence is when discussing his contract. But, as he recently reminded us, you should never count another man’s money. So, I won’t go there. However, that being said, it’s hard to pass him up at $9,000.

He’s good for around 20 shots, and can go off from deep any given night, Russell Westbrook expends entirely too much energy carrying the Thunder to guard him primarily, and he’s averaging 7 assists in the month of January – which (if he averaged for the season) would be the 2nd highest total of his career. Only shy of the 7.7 he averaged during the ’14-’15 MVP campaign.

*Update: Klay Thompson listed as Questionable*

Tier 2: Elfrid Payton – ORL @ NO ($6,200)

After averaging 99 points per game through their 1st 6 games to start the new year, the Magic have found their groove offensively – averaging 111.3 over their last 3 (tied for 8th most) – and Payton has been the catalyst. Leading the team in scoring over that stretch, he’s averaged 22.3 points per game and, lest we forget, he’s putting up 9.3 assists, and 5.7 rebounds per game. For the last 3 games, he’s been off-brand James Harden – we’ll call him Great Value: Ames Parden until he returns to normalcy – which won’t be tonight, as PGs tend to ball out on the Pels.

Tier 3: Avery Bradley – BOS vs. NYK ($5,900)

Bradley didn’t look very good in his return to the court Monday, but the fact that he logged 33 minutes is very encouraging. While it may take a few more games to knock the rust off, a matchup with the Knicks is an excellent remedy, and his energy on the glass and defensive end make him a solid play tonight.

Tier 4: Garrett Temple – SAC vs. IND ($3,900)

At $3,900, Temple is your guy if you’re looking to fill a guard spot for the low. While his ceiling is about as low as Lil’ Jon’s voice in the ESPN “Turn Down for What?” commercial – *whispers* “basketball” – he looks to be in line for another start, and should do just enough scoring, and rebounding to finish around 20 fantasy points.


*Tier 1: $8,000+, Tier 2: $8,000 – $6,000, Tier 3: $6,000 – $4,000, Tier 4: Under $4,000

Tier 1: DeMarcus Cousins – SAC vs. IND ($10,600)

Cousins has been an absolute beast. He’s about 3 assists per game shy of averaging a triple-double in the month of January, and has even added the 3 ball to his game for good measure. While Myles Turner is one of the few bigs in the league with the athleticism to match up with Boogie, let’s be real, the only person who can stop him is himself.

Tier 2: Draymond Green – GS vs. OKC ($7,900)

Love him, or hate him, he fills up the stat sheet. Night in, and night out. Steven Adams remains under the concussion protocol, and will miss tonight’s game. Opening the door for Green to have yet another nice game on the boards. Not to mention, he leads the Warriors in assists, so who cares about his Frank Kaminsky-esque scoring numbers?

Tier 3: Jae Crowder – BOS vs. NYK ($5,600)

Porzingis has been ruled out for tonight’s game, meaning Mindaugas Kuzminskas should draw another start at Small Forward… I’ll leave it at that.

Tier 4: Meyers Leonard – POR @ CHA ($3,000)

Yuck… Recommending Leonard feels a bit like telling my daughter to eat her vegetables. I know she really doesn’t want to do it, but it’s good for her. I think. Here’s the thing, while Leonard has seen his minutes increase (Ed Davis will miss tonight’s game), he just hasn’t been very good. However, given the matchup and the opportunity, Leonard should be a good play tonight. I think.


*Tier 1: $7,500+, Tier 2: $7,500 – $6,000, Tier 3: Under $6,000

Tier 1: Joel Embiid – PHI vs. TOR ($8,400)

I’ve already discussed DeMarcus Cousins, and Anthony Davis’ hip scares me. Leaving Embiid who’s questionable himself due to an illness, and Andre Drummond. Give me Embiid.

Tier 2: Al Horford – BOS vs. NYK ($6,900)

Horford is finally rebounding at the rate you’d expect from a 6’10” cat… Kind of. While his almost 8 rebounds per game in the month of January is a vast improvement, it leaves me with the taste of unseasoned chicken. It’s still chicken, just needs a little hot sauce, and in Horford’s case, the assists and threes have been the Frank’s. Oh, and as I mentioned earlier, the Knicks stink.

Tier 3: Kyle O’Quinn – NYK @ BOS ($4,100)

Not to hate on the guy, but the main (if not only) reason O’Quinn is in the league, is his rebounding ability. Now, I realize I just mentioned that unseasoned chicken has stepped it up on the glass as of late, but the Celtics are one of the worst rebounding teams in the league – and with Porzingis out, O’Quinn should see some additional minutes – making him a great, low-priced option at your utility spot.

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