DraftKings Ballers and Bums – Wild Card Edition

Recapping the DraftKings Starts of the Week for Wild Card weekend. A few good calls (ballers), and a few bad calls (bums)…



**Disclaimer: Aaron Rodgers’ performance was in a different category than everyone else who played this weekend, and he’s removed from the valuations. Otherwise, everyone would be considered a bum, and I can’t stand for that.**

Russell Wilson: 23/30, 224 yds, 2 TDs (3 car, -3 yds) – 16.66 DK FPTS

Dangeruss (terrible nickname, btw) shed his knee brace, and shred the Lions. Problem is, the Seahawks discovered their run game, and Rawls had himself a dandy of a game; which capped his production.

Brock Osweiler: 14/25, 168 yds, 1 TD (6 car, 15 yds, 1 TD) – 18.22 DK FPTS

Osweiler’s rushing TD was a thing of beauty… Said no one ever. But, it counts. Only Rodgers outscored Osweiler this weekend. Just let that marinate for a second.

Eli Manning: 23/44, 299 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT (1 car, 11 yds) – 15.06 DK FPTS

Call it drops, call it inaccuracy, maybe even poor offensive line play… Or, the most fitting option, call it all of the above. Whichever angle you saw it from, there’s no debating Eli missed out on several opportunities at a monster day. He still finished as the 4th highest scoring QB.

Running Back


*DraftKings Baller of the Week*

Le’Veon Bell: 29 car, 167 yds, 2 TDs (2 rec, 7 yds) – 34.40 DK FPTS

Are you not entertained?! Is this not why you are here?!

Lamar Miller: 31 car, 73 yds, 1 TD – 13.30 DK FPTS

He had 2 more carries than Bell, and 94 less yards… His yards per carry wasn’t exactly baller-ish. However, once again, due to the lack of options this weekend, he finished the 4th highest scoring RB. Still wack, though.


Paul Perkins: 10 car, 30 yds (3 rec, 27 yds) – 8.7 DK FPTS

Decent game, too bad the Giants fell behind. The fan in me wants to complain about his lack of awareness on the Eli fumble, but I’ll let it breathe.

Wide Receiver


Antonio Brown: 5 rec, 124 yds, 2 TDs – 32.40 DK FPTS

Business is boomin’!

Jarvis Landry: 11 rec, 102 yds – 24.20 DK FPTS

Shoutout to Matt Moore for not retiring immediately following the game. Hell, maybe even during the game.

Paul Richardson: 3 rec, 48 yds, 1 TD – 13.80 DK FPTS

Was it a facemask? Eeehhhhh, maybe… Probably… Ok, yes. It was. Still, hell of a catch, and his 27 yarder on the sideline wasn’t too bad either. Crazy ball skills.

Tight End


Will Tye: 4 rec, 66 yds – 10.60 DK FPTS

Aside from his 51 yard reception, he was a ghost (along with the rest of the Giants offense) for most of the game. But, it was good enough to make him the #1 DraftKings TE on the weekend.


Jimmy Graham: 3 rec, 37 yds – 6.70 DK FPTS

Doug Baldwin saw 12 targets. Graham was tied for 2nd with 4. Not a terrible performance by any stretch, but he needed a TD to make him worth the price. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

C.J. Fiedorowicz: 2 rec, 35 yds – 5.50 DK FPTS

Osweiler threw for only 168 yards. Hard to ball out under those circumstances… If only we could combine him, and Ryan Griffin.

Defense/Special Teams


Houston Texans: 14 PA, 3 INTs, 3 SCKs – 10.00 DK FPTS

Jadeveon Clowney is a beast. Hopefully, everyone will relax with all of that “bust” talk.


New York Giants: 38 PA, 5 SCKs – 1.00 DK FPTS

24732111266_7d1fab5cc1_z DraftKings Ballers and Bums - Wild Card Edition

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