Defense/Special Teams Rankings Week 4

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DraftKings Start of the Week
Houston Texans vs. TEN ($3,200)

Trivia Time *cue corny game show music*: Which NFL team has scored the least points so far this season? Wrong, wrong, wrong…. The Texans, and Titans are tied for the least points scored, with 14 total points on the season. 14 points through 3 games is a pretty tough task for any offense to accomplish, so I’m kind of impressed, however Houston was shut out by NE so it makes some kind of sense from their standpoint.

The Titans on the other hand, have faced the Vikings, Lions, and Raiders. My feelings on the Vikings defense are well documented, but the Lions rank 27 in points allowed per game (28.3), and the Raiders 22nd (26.3). I’m well aware J.J. Watt isn’t playing. However, if you think a Watt-less Texans defense makes a Titans team, which struggled to put up points against two of the worst defenses in the league, all of a sudden a threat… You’re crazy.

Sit of the Week
Kansas City Chiefs @ PIT

The Chiefs are starting to get healthy on the defensive side of the ball, and definitely showed signs of improvement last week against the Jets, but I’m leery for a few reasons: 1. The game is in Pittsburgh. If this were in Arrowhead, I’d feel much better. 2. The Steelers were just embarrassed by the Eagles, and I doubt it’s a result of poor offense. They’ll bounce back. 3. The Steelers also get Le’Veon Bell back. 4. The Steelers also still have Antonio Brown, and Big Ben… I promise this won’t turn into a weekly “sit whoever the Steelers play” spot, but don’t expect a repeat performance from KC.

Defense/Special Teams Rankings

1. Cardinals vs. LA

2. Broncos @ TB

3. Vikings vs. NYG

4. Seahawks @ NYJ

5. Bengals vs. MIA

6. Patriots vs. BUF

7. Texans vs. TEN

8. Ravens vs. OAK

9. Titans @ HOU

10. Jets vs. SEA

11. Giants @ MIN

12. Redskins vs. CLE

13. Cowboys @ SF

14. Panthers @ ATL

15. Rams @ ARI

16. Steelers vs. KC

17. Chiefs @ PIT

18. Jaguars vs. IND

19. Chargers vs. NO

20. Dolphins @ CIN

21. Bills @ NE

22. Lions @ CHI

23. Raiders @ BAL

24. Colts @ JAC

25. Browns @ WAS

26. 49ers vs. DAL

27. Buccaneers vs. DEN

28. Falcons vs. CAR

29. Bears vs. DET

30. Saints @ SD

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