DraftKings Starts of the Week – Wild Card Edition

As I woke up this morning, the sweet sounds of “Bittersweet Symphony” played in my mind, as I slowly shook off the cobwebs and realized it’s Wild Card weekend. On one hand, few things are better than playoff football. On the other, the end is near.

Now I know, there’s only 4 games this weekend – this article is somewhat pointless. But hey, I felt like writing. You got a problem?! Pull up then…

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DraftKings Starts of the Week – Week 17

Week 17 is easily the toughest week to project, and winning your daily fantasy tournaments will take some luck (even more than usual). So, I’m here to help you with those lineup decisions. You’re welcome. The final DraftKings Starts of the Week for 2016. Sad times…

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Check the Wire – Week 17

Between teams having already clinched a playoff berth (and resting players) and guys having checked out (ready for that offseason vacay) your fantasy football championship being decided in Week 17 just seems unjust. However, it’s an unfortunate reality for many.

Hopefully you planned ahead, identified these potential rest situations, and have formidable replacements to bring you all of the fantasy glory you deserve. However, determining the playoff scenarios can be a bit trigonometric. So, if you didn’t (or you did, but guessed wrong) you’re not alone… And, I got you.

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DraftKings Starts of the Week – Week 16

Tier 2: Cam Newton – CAR vs. ATL ($6,600)

Disappointing season for Cam and the Panthers, but if they showed me anything last week, they’re not giving up just yet. Deion Jones pulled a Craig, and had Cam laid out like Deebo in Week 4… I doubt he forgot. He had his best passing game of the season last week, and I expect him to keep rolling, as the Panthers look to play spoiler.

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Check the Wire – Week 15

Check out the top waiver wire pick-ups for Week 15 – because you’ve made it this far, and you definitely don’t want to let injuries (or match-ups) come between you, and this long awaited fantasy crown…

*All players available in at least 50% of ESPN leagues

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