Ballers and Bums – Week 16

Recapping the Week 16 DraftKings Starts of the Week. A few good calls (ballers), a few bad calls (bums)…



Tom Brady: 17/27, 214 yds, 3 TDs – 20.56 DK FPTS

Brady didn’t go all out Brady on the Jets, but hey, it’s the Jets – He didn’t have to do much to get the W. We did, however, get a Jimmy G sighting… And, he should get a few bonus points for that.

Blake Bortles: 26/38, 325 yds, 1 TD (3 car, 7 yds; 1 rec, 20 yds, 1 TD) – 29.70 DK FPTS

Bortles gave me some Matt Jones flashbacks on his 20 yard TD reception late in the 4th, and for the rest of the game? Well, suffice it to say my man was out there looking like a guy who thought the Jags would take a QB if they lost, and got the #2 pick.


Cam Newton: 18/43, 198 yds, 1 TD, 2 INTs (8 car, 36 yds) – 13.52 DK FPTS

From what I saw, Cam didn’t look like he cared, and I can’t blame him. Maybe it’s the offensive line issues, or the frustration of losing taking a toll… Who knows? But, I do know it was ugly – much like Cam’s season (and outfits).

Running Back


LeSean McCoy: 24 car, 128 yds, 1 TD (5 rec, 17 yds) – 28.50 DK FPTS

… And they lost.

Jordan Howard: 18 car, 119 yds (1 rec, 9 yds) – 16.80 DK FPTS

Charles Barkley, and his 5 interceptions, killed what could’ve been a monster day for Howard… Wait, that wasn’t Charles Barkley?!

Mark Ingram: 18 car, 90 yds, 2 TDs, 1 2PC (2 rec, 3 yds) – 25.30 DK FPTS

Games like this make you realize just how talented the guy truly is… If only the Saints leaned on him on a weekly basis. In games which he has 15 or more carries, they’re 5-2. In the games he doesn’t, 2-6.

Wide Receiver


Alshon Jeffery: 5 rec, 92 yds – 14.20 DK FPTS

Jeffery also fell victim to Mr. Barkley. Which, yet again, puts these numbers into perspective.

Marqise Lee: 3 rec, 37 yds, 1 TD (1/1, 20 yds, 1 TD) – 17.50 DK FPTS

His 7 targets only led to 3 receptions, and Allen Robinson had himself a day. But, he threw more TD passes than RG3 and Tom Savage, and for that, I’m thankful.


Julio Jones: 4 rec, 60 yds – 10 DK FPTS

Not a complete dud (if he’s any other receiver), but unfortunately, this performance lands at about 3 on the Julio scale. Matt Ryan was full of the Christmas spirit, and completed passes to 10 different receivers, which led to the mediocre day.

Tight End


Greg Olsen: 6 rec, 59 yds – 11.90 DK FPTS

I’ll take it… Didn’t see much of this game, but judging off the fact that Cam went 18/43, and Olsen received 12 targets, I have to imagine he could’ve had a much bigger day.


Hunter Henry: 0 rec, 0 yds – 0 DK FPTS

You can’t see my face, but I’m confused. Not even a target?

Defense/Special Teams


New England Patriots: 3 PA, 3 INTs, 1 FR, 2 SCKs – 17.00 DK FPTS

The Jets offense is absolutely atrocious, and the Pats defense definitely deserves more credit.

Cincinnati Bengals: 12 PA, 4 SCKs – 10.00 DK FPTS

Well, that was a barn burner! The Bengals offense has been decimated by injuries, and that may be the only thing which has kept their d from being a Top-10 unit.

New Orleans Saints: 24 PA, 2 INTs, 2 SCKs – 6.00 DK FPTS

Given the price, you’ll take the 6 points. If not, don’t be so damn cheap.

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