Who I Am

538628_719327526657_1035245360_n-300x201 Who I Am
Leonard Francis II – Creator of Maximize Your Odds

Maximize Your Odds was born in 2007, when I was introduced to the world of sports betting, and began throwing around $5 wagers for the hell of it.  At the time, I had no idea I’d found my passion. But, I knew I was pretty damn good.

Over the past nine years, I’ve won a lot of money, and lost a lot of money. I’ve also gained a ridiculous amount of knowledge, and began taking handicapping to a professional level.

Now no, I’m not “the best handicapper on the planet”, or any of these arbitrary claims floating around the Internet. I’m just a guy… A super analytical guy, who’s an avid sports fan and former athlete, with a Finance degree, who knows how to work an Excel spreadsheet to analyze data, and enjoys writing and helping people make money. Period.

Similar to handicapping, I began playing fantasy sports about 10 years ago, and like many, I got most of my advice from ESPN, CBS, and Yahoo. Problem was, they didn’t rank players based on value, and I quickly realized my thoughts/analysis were more accurate. It seemed like the big name guys were always ranked highest, regardless of anything, and that didn’t help much when making the tough matchup based decisions.

So, I said forget it. I took the data I used to handicap games, and began incorporating it into fantasy. I began playing the J.J. Nelsons of the world – guys who may not be ranked in the top 50 – because the data backed up it, and guess what? I started winning! (Don’t believe me? Go read through my rankings/DraftKings advice.)

I say all that to say this, if you’re looking to consistently win more bets, and dominate your fantasy leagues, you’ve found the right place!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram: maximizeyourodds, Twitter: maxingyourodds, Facebook: maximizeyourodds for additional fantasy advice, and free plays, and feel free to comment or send me an email (leonard@maximizeyourodds.com) with any questions/feedback. Thanks for reading!